Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Uses of Eco Friendly Bags

We should look beyond the near future and instead look at what our children's children will be left with. These eco friendly bags are easy to carry and handles enable users to carry multiple bags at one time. Eco friendly bags are water resistant and water repellent. You can carry wet or cold items without getting you or your vehicle wet. Moreover, very little space is needed to store environmental friendly plastic bags, which keeps transportation costs at a minimum.

To keep our planet clean and healthy long before it was the popular and politically correct thing to do. And this is what we are focusing on right now. Use of eco friendly bags will only help us to make our planet cleaner and better for future generations. So to keep yourself and your surrounding safe you must replace plastic bags with these bags which are good for everyone. There are variety of these bags with different colors and styles. The cost of these bags is also very low so overall it is a complete win situation for both retailers and customers.
If you are also interested in doing well for yourself and others then you must replace plastic bags with these bags which are good for everyone. You can also check out online stores for the great variety of these bags with different colors and styles. These bags can be used in all occasions. Children can take them to school or you can take them to your work. They are very helpful and you can keep your things safe. One thing you would be sure of that it is not giving harm to you and neither to the people living with you in the same environment. There are many different types of friendly bags which mean they are made with different materials. Either a jute bag or a giant bag for laundry all of them are made with natural ingredients so that you don't get any harmful side effects. So if you want to get a bag for yourself the range is so high that you would be easily able to get the bag for the purpose you are looking for.

The eco friendly bags are even more durable. You can keep anything heavy in them and you don't have to worry about them getting torn out on the way like the common plastic bags.

Organic Kajal and its Importance

                   As it is rightly said that, Eyes are the window to the soul, and every girl has the right to dress up her ‘window’.  In today’s world everything has changed, the type of beauty products used are changed. Women have been using Kajal as a natural eye care cosmetic for thousands of years. "Kajal" is the Indian word for the soot (carbon) traditionally obtained by burning to enhance its therapeutic and eye-protecting properties.  The commercially and industrially produced Kajal is used by many women which is causing harmful effects on the eyes. There are many impurities fond in Kajal like charcoal which is added for getting dark color, silver nitrate which gives Kajal glow and many more. Moreover if it is used more than 2%, it can also cause problems like irritation, redness and burning to the eyes. The Kajal containers are also not sterilized which causes diseases like conjunctivitis. 


                So, Do you eyes a favour, and make natural, chemical-free Kajal! Organic Kajal is made of ghee and natural minerals. Handmade carbon black collected from vegetable oils lamp combines with organic ghee, natural mineral colors or organic almond oil to make this kohl moreover give it a color that highlights the eyes and keep them cool. 

                 These Kajal do not contain absolutely any preservatives and the organic quality of the ingredients is regularly controlled by recognized laboratories. These Kajal gives a classical and glamour look to the eyes. To make your eyes more expressive there are many coloured organic  Kajal available like in dark black, shimmering sea blue with gold glitter, Royal blue, Bronze, ice blue Kajal, green Kajal and many more. So go organic in eye products too. By going organic/green means that you will use organic products that do not have chemical additives. Your products will use ingredients that your body will be able to absorb and not suffocate your body. For beautiful eyes just opt for organic Kajal’s.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Demand of Green Organic products in India

As the human race is becoming advance day by day in the field of science and technology it is also becoming more knowledgeable about the human body with the help of latest studies and research by scientist all over the world. These new researches and studies are changing the demand and need of people; the lifestyle needs are changing very rapidly all over the world. The last election in America was contested on the agenda where one of the measure issues was the healthcare of the country people, Mr. President Obama in America assured the country that each and every American will be taken care of for his healthcare. Now the awareness towards health is a prime concern for all of us, and as soon as we reach to a level of earning better in our life, we definitely show concern to our health and try to explore the world to stay healthy and strong, now people are realizing that health is over all needs of a person an take no chance with this. As per say in our Indian culture Prevention is better than cure coming the role of Green Organic Products in the life of the world.

                           The Organic food and product Market in India expected to grow from 675 Crore in 2010 to 7000 Crore by 2015 this is because of the changing lifestyle of the consumers because of the awareness about their health . Though Estimate area under Organic Agriculture in India is a difficult work as there is no central agency who could collect and complies this information, but different agencies have estimated the area under organic agriculture differently for example the study by FIBL and ORG-MARG says that there is 2,775 hectares of gross cultivated area in India and by SOEL survey it shows the land are for organic cropping is 41000 hectare. More and more modern retail outlets across the country can be witnessed in each city in accordance with the modern and aware population in cites.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Organic Baby Products

I have been searching a lot about organic baby products these days, get to know a lot of things. There's a full range of organic products from food to clothing to cosmetics, but what makes organic products organic? I came to know that organic products are manufactured in favorable conditions with less chemicals applied. Although both have chemicals under government norms, organic products are healthier than other products. And when it comes to the newborn babies this difference matters.

Parents want healthy products for their child from diapers, wipes, shampoo, lotion, oil, dish soap, lip balm, and laundry detergent, as they can get allergic to chemicals used in regular products. Babies need extra care since they are extremely fragile. Baby products found at regular baby shops and stores contain pesticides, harmful dyes, and heavy metals that don't just come off in the wash.

Naturally, toddlers have skins that are less oily, extremely thin and very porous unlike the grownups. Any pollutants that may be found in the attire or bedding may easily get into their skin and cause irritation or even inflammation. The fact that they are environment friendly has made them preferable by many. Disposing them has no negative effect on the environment.

Organic Baby Products are a little expensive than regular products, but I think they are worth it.