Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Demand of Green Organic products in India

As the human race is becoming advance day by day in the field of science and technology it is also becoming more knowledgeable about the human body with the help of latest studies and research by scientist all over the world. These new researches and studies are changing the demand and need of people; the lifestyle needs are changing very rapidly all over the world. The last election in America was contested on the agenda where one of the measure issues was the healthcare of the country people, Mr. President Obama in America assured the country that each and every American will be taken care of for his healthcare. Now the awareness towards health is a prime concern for all of us, and as soon as we reach to a level of earning better in our life, we definitely show concern to our health and try to explore the world to stay healthy and strong, now people are realizing that health is over all needs of a person an take no chance with this. As per say in our Indian culture Prevention is better than cure coming the role of Green Organic Products in the life of the world.

                           The Organic food and product Market in India expected to grow from 675 Crore in 2010 to 7000 Crore by 2015 this is because of the changing lifestyle of the consumers because of the awareness about their health . Though Estimate area under Organic Agriculture in India is a difficult work as there is no central agency who could collect and complies this information, but different agencies have estimated the area under organic agriculture differently for example the study by FIBL and ORG-MARG says that there is 2,775 hectares of gross cultivated area in India and by SOEL survey it shows the land are for organic cropping is 41000 hectare. More and more modern retail outlets across the country can be witnessed in each city in accordance with the modern and aware population in cites.


  1. Undoubtedly, the demand of organic food in India and other organic products is steadily rising.. The scenario is improving day by day

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